Meet the 999-FR

The World's Most Accurate Portable Grain Moisture Tester

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The World's Most Accurate Moisture Tester

Powerfully Portable.

The 999-FR is arguably the most advanced Portable Grain Moisture Tester in the world. And is the ideal tool to monitor the best time to harvest.

Rechargable Lithium Battery

Easily charge your meter at home or in the car (with an inverter.)

Sync With Smartphone

Easily connect to the 999-FR through bluetooth to download & share results.

Multiple Sensors

Will display results of temperature, moisture and test weight.

Loads of Grain Presets

More than 250 types of grain calibrations loaded - memorizes the last five used for quick access

Light and Handy

Weighs less than 5 Lbs and features a nice design perfect for the field usage.

Multi-Lingual Support

Software translated into English, French, Spanish, German, Italian & Portuguese.

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An accurate result in 10 seconds? Done.

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An accurate reading guarantees a fair deal.

What would you do with an extra $9,000?

A marginal difference in readings could cost you thousands of dollars. Many of our customers couldn’t believe how much money they were leaving on the table before they made the switch to the 999-FR grain moisture meter.

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